Comcast Could Owe Millions

EUGENE, Ore. — An ongoing case with the Oregon Supreme Court between the Department of Revenue and Comcast may finally come to an end.

The battle began back in 2009 when the state decided to assess Comcast’s taxes to include intangibles like patents. The change quadrupled the taxes due, so Comcast sued.

Analysts say if the DOR wins the appeal, so will Lane County.

“The four years is about $7.2 million on deferred taxes. The county gets 9 cents on the dollar. So 9 cents on the dollar of $7.2 million is pretty substantial,” said Mike Cowles, Lane County Assessor.

That equates to about $648,000.

While it is rumored a decision could be made in September, that could change. The money received would impact future budgets.

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  1. jason marks says:


    CUSTOMERS LOSE! last time this happened, the rates went up the next month.

    The only winners are loser attorneys.

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