Comcast Migrates to Full Digital

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EUGENE, Ore. — Several Comcast customers did without cable Wednesday morning because the company is upgrading its digital service.

The transition is happening across Oregon, but for all Eugene residents, you might have woken up to a red screen on your television. Anyone who didn’t upgrade to a digital box was in the same situation.

Comcast sent letters and called its customers, warning them of this transition. The company is moving to a full digital delivery system. Managers say the goal is to migrate all customers to digital use that haven’t already and enhance the quality of their services.

“It could be somebody that has limited basic service–that’s channels 2-31–or that could be someone that had a digital package and maybe had a TV in a bedroom that didn’t have a digital box on it,” said Theresa Davis, Comcast External Affairs VP.

Managers say they actually told customers this transition would happen on August 14–a week ago–to give people extra time to act.

All you have to do is call Comcast and have the box delivered or you can pick it up yourself at its offices on Chad Drive.

The box is free for limited basic cable users, but $1.99 a month for other subscribers.

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  1. jason says:

    i wasn’t told ONE THING about this

    AND i have NO TV…

    I hate comcast.

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