Commercial Drive Tests Ends at 4 DMVs

DMVEUGENE, Ore. – The Department of Motor Vehicles says it will no longer offer commercial driver license skills tests at its Southeast Portland, Bend, Roseburg and Coos Bay locations starting April 1.

DMV has been phasing out commercial drive tests at its field offices in favor of third-party test providers in an effort to become more efficient.

“DMV continually looks for ways to serve more people with limited resources, and one of those ways is to make room for the private sector to play a role,” said Tom McClellan, DMV Administrator.

Click here for a list of private commercial driver license testers.

A commercial driver license is needed to operate a motor vehicle weighing 26,000 pounds or more, if the vehicle transports 16 or more people, or if the vehicle is used to transport hazardous materials.

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