Commissioner Reacts to Public Safety

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County Commissioner Sid Leiken is speaking out about the 35 more jail bed cuts that ended with two inmates re-arrested within hours. He says many options are on the table when it comes to pinpointing long-term and short-term funding for Lane County’s public safety including a tax option, but he wants to bring attention back to building stable revenue from federal timber payments.

“Why aren’t they cutting here in Oregon on these public lands? It would be such a win-win. Keep the mills obviously operating but revenue coming back to the counties so we can provide quality service,” Leiken said.

Commissioner Leiken has reached out to Oregon leaders and says a working group between Lane County and the state is currently in the works.


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  1. Bill says:

    Yay! More clear cutting! Way to think outside the box Sid!!

  2. durk says:

    raising taxes is not an option. government has already gotten to big and is already taking 30% of my income. the county needs to start selling off un used properties, then collect taxes on said properties. also no more tax breaks fro developers. if you feel the need to allow developers 0 taxes on there property, then its only fair that the rest of us should not have to pay property taxes either. the state needs to separate its economy from the federal government. why are we giving the fed money to harvest our own timber?. the money from timber harvesting should be kept in oregon. I am with ya sid on the need for a fix, but the gov. should not always punish people who own a home by raising the property tax.its to close to extortion to be ignored. if you keep raising my property tax on my home, eventually i will be forced to move out, sell it and live in a trailer in the park.

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