Commissioners Discuss Emerald Meadows

Emerald MeadowsEUGENE, Ore. — It was a heated discussion at the Lane County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning on the future of Emerald Meadows. That’s the venue where a controversial concert happened this past summer.

It’s quiet and calm right now on Mt. Pisgah, but neighbors say when there are events there during the summer, it’s a different story. And that was a major concern for Commissioner Jay Bozievich, as the board responded to an update from Lane County Parks Manager Mike Russell. The Parks Department recommended to not cancel events for the 2015 season, but commissioners debated on how to find compromise between promoters and neighbors, as well as, assembling a task force.

Commissioner Pete Sorenson asks, “Isn’t there some kind of middle ground here of having the task force actually do some work and be relevant to the decision that the board’s going to have to make?”

“We let the task force move ahead, deliberate with all the stake holders involved, from the friends of Buford Park and the Seavey Loop neighbors and everyone else that needs to be involved in that process,” says Bozievich.

Commissioner Faye Stewart says, “Case in point, this is not just strictly about the neighbors. For me, it’s not just we need to make the neighbors happy, so we can move these forward.”

The most controversial event from last summer, the Kaleidoscope Music Festival, has already been canceled for this year, but there are other events still pending for this year including Dirty Dash and Fairy World. Commissioners weren’t comfortable making a final decision on the 2015 season Tuesday, but they do have a plan in place.

The board will reconvene in two weeks to talk more about the situation. Commissioners say it will help continue the conversation so they can make a decision by May 20 for the 2015 season.

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