Commissioners to Address Plaza Use

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County commissioners will hold a meeting next week to discuss the growing SLEEPS demonstration at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza.

On the agenda is the possible emergency closure of the area demonstrators are now calling home base. SLEEPS has been camping out at Free Speech Plaza since last week protesting for their right to sleep.

However, the city and county’s finding of human feces in the area is raising major concerns and could lead to the plaza’s closure.

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  1. Michael Adams says:

    First off, two Saturday Market Vendors smelled the feces and found it to be dog feces, which was promptly cleaned up. Second, one of the workers at one of those vendors is a Member of Sleeps. Third, we will dispute this as the County has been found to be lying once already with regards to the picture they released stating that one of our members was on the other side of the block defecating in a public planter and in clear open view.
    With 2 strikes against the county of their own doing, it leaves one to wonder; what is the county really doing? Are they doing what they are supposed to do which is working on a solution to solve the problem to the benefit of both parties? Or are they just postponing the inevitable? The “inevitable” being the growth of population with regards to Homeless People.
    At SLEEPS, we protest against the Criminalization of Homeless People and the cities’ apparent lack of regard to the growing problem. We wish to reach a solution that will work for both parties. We do not want to be in tents on the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. We want the city to lift the camping ban for the hours of 9pm-6am, so that we may camp and disappear during the night. We would like to be allowed to camp in one spot if we can so that we can govern ourselves without the need for police interfering, so that we may guide each other to the resources available to re-integrate ourselves into society.
    If you truly want us out of the plaza, then please HELP us by supporting our cause to get the city to present an option that will work for all parties.

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