Committee Approves 2012-2013 Lane County Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — A massive budget cut proposal in Lane County is officially on its way to the desk of county commissioners.

At a meeting Tuesday night, the budget committee approved next year’s budget.

About 50 people packed Harris Hall at the county courthouse.

The original proposal called for $100 million in cuts, including the loss of more than 130 beds at the jail, a severe hit to the sheriff’s office budget, and the elimination of the medical examiner position.

The committee has since moved around money from different offices.

Under the approved proposal, the loss of jail beds is not as drastic.

The medical examiner’s position is no longer going away.

“And so we moved money. We didn’t find money. We moved it from what we believed was a lower priority or funding source that had been going elsewhere, moved it to help bridge the gap that we saw on some critical services,” said Budget Committee member Dennis Hijmans.

The proposal now goes to county commissioners.

By state law it has to be approved by next month.

County commission is allowed to make adjustments of up to 10 percent of any given fund.

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