Community Debates Sick Leave Ordinance

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EUGENE, Ore — As the Eugene City Council debates the issue of a paid sick leave ordinance, a divided community voices its opinions.
The council held a public hearing Monday night on an ordinance that would require employers to provide sick leave to their workers.
67 people signed up to testify at the public hearing an issue that’s dividing many business owners and workers.
The proposed ordinance would require all employers to provide workers with one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked.
Some workers who testified said the paid sick leave would give them peace of mind if they become sick.
But many business owners said it’s going over their heads, and some already have their own sick leave policies.
“The paid time off concept has worked well for us because an employee can be absent for any reason of their choosing whether personal time or sick,” said Dan Meyers, Vice President of Finance for Industrial Finishes and Systems.
“Too often reduced to sitting my sick child propped up on pillows in front of the TV with her cell phone close by while I reluctantly go to work because I can’t afford not to,” said Dawn Helwig, Eugene resident.
The Springfield Chamber of Commerce and other local businesses were against the ordinance.
LTD didn’t have an official stance.
Century Link was neutral.
Sundance Natural Foods spoke in favor.
Councilors will likely vote on the ordinance next Monday.

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  1. Robin says:

    I can see both sides, business and those who don’t have sick leave. The problem is that the city council will NEVER view business complaints as valid. Their uneducated view is that all business can afford sick leave. For some reason, I think they think that this is costless. And it is not. The cost does not seem valid apparently. Or that they don’t care about those who are business owners. This is increasing frustrating to me. They are so rooted in the social justice arguments that justice for business and everyone who purchases things in the economy is not valid.

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