Community Garden Helps Food Banks

SAGECORVALLIS, Ore. — Three to four tons of organic food is produced every year from a community garden in Corvallis, and it all goes to local food banks.

The Corvallis Environmental Center runs the Starker Arts Garden for Education (SAGE).

It takes 500-600 volunteers a year to keep it going.

The group wants to educate people about the importance of growing and eating locally, saying produce that’s shipped in outside the area leaves a fossil fuel footprint.

“Whereas if we have local food growing here at SAGE or at other local farms that we’re purchasing or eating from, we’re reducing in that emissions, we’re reducing packaging; we’re reducing all those sort of steps that it takes,” said Deanna Lloyd, garden manager.

The garden also uses a rain water system to irrigate.

If you’d like to help volunteer, click here.

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