Community Helps Family Rebuild Barn

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The cause of a barn fire in Springfield is still under investigation, but the community is pulling together to help those affected.

The fire reduced two sheds to ash and rubble and killed hundreds of chickens, but just days after the fire the community started to come out to help. They sent the Sherer family prayers and well-wishes on the Havurah Farm Facebook page.

On Sunday, neighbors are throwing an old-fashioned barn raising to help the family rebuild.

“They need to get back on their feet, they need to be able to get those chickens growing up and laying,” says neighbor Beckie Jones.

“We’re so thankful for our neighbor who is organizing this event to help support us. Really our rebuilding is dependent on the community support,” says Clara Sherer, a victim of the fire.

At the fair there will be a silent auction. Long’s Meat Market is donating half of a grass-fed cow valued at $1,200. Eugene Backyard Farmer is donating 100 chicks. You can also buy fake feathers for Fergie the Fried Chicken, who lost all her tail feathers in the fire.

Sverson Farm is also donating plants, Vitality Farms donated 900 eggs and the McKenzie Fire Department will bring a fire truck to let kids shoot the fire hose.

The event takes place Sunday at 8048 Thurston Rd. in Springfield.

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