Community Organizes Occupy Movement

TEACHERS-UNIONMEDFORD, Ore. — Parents, students, and community members in Medford are gathering on the steps of the school district office for a new strike demonstration being called an Occupy movement.

At 7 a.m. on Friday, the group started walking up the stairs trying to move into the building. The doors were locked, so the organizers took their places on the steps in front of the doors.

Some of the demonstrators traveled from Corvallis to support their former high schools. They say part of the Occupy message is to deliberately be in a restricted public space.

“An occupy protest is showing that people are willing to stay and hold down until they’re recognized, and I think that because the school board has been ignoring phone calls and e-mails that it’s extremely important to show that we demand to be recognized as a community,” said Nick Groves, a South Medford High School Alumnus.

The group plans to stay in front of the district until the two sides reach a settlement.

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