Community Reacts to Fatal Shooting

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CHARLESTON, Ore. – Three people are dead after a shooting early Tuesday in Coos Bay, and just down the road in Charleston, news of the shooting spread fast. Those who live and work there, say there’s been a community effort to crack down on crime.

Locals say Bastendorff Beach is a major hang out for families, and it’s alarming that’s where the shooting took place. Charleston residents say they just hope police get to the bottom of the drive by shooting.

People in Charleston say they keep an eye on one another, and go to great lengths to keep the town safe with the Charleston Citizens Patrol. A member of the patrol says it’s been pretty quiet in the town over the last year and a half, but he says there’s been some trouble enforcing a 24-hour stay limit on Bastendorff Beach where the shooting took place. He also says there’s a definite need for more police presence. People say they hope this doesn’t discourage tourists from visiting, or cloud opinions of the close-knit town.

Charleston’s like a little jewel, you know you can come here and have a great time,” said J. D. Evanow. “It doesn’t cost you a whole lot of money you know, and we want people to know that they’re safe to come here and go camp and stuff you know, and roam around on the beaches.”

I would like to put out to people that this is something that doesn’t occur here,” said Kevin Oshaughnessy. “It can occur at any community, any place, and it does happen.”

The Charleston Citizens Patrol has a pretty good gauge of activity in their town, and they say the names of those involved don’t ring a bell.

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