Community Steps Up for Toys for Tots

EUGENE, Ore. — This weekend, local Marines will hand out thousands of toys to local kids in need. But before they do, they need to collect all those toys.

KEZI 9 News has been out all day at the Bi-Mart on 18th and Chambers to help collect donations. The weather outside wasn’t exactly frightful, but it was definitely cold.

“It’s been pretty amazing to see people come down at 9 o’clock this morning in 19 degree weather, donating money and donating toys,” said US Marine Corps Cpl. Colby Flowers.

One gentleman first stopped by to drop off $50 in cash. Then he came back and wrote out a check for $1,450. It’s just another example of the generosity of our community.

“Like a lady earlier unloaded her whole van full. It was pretty amazing to see her and to hear that she’s been working all year to come down here and donate them for the kids,” Cpl. Flowers said.

More toys came from Mary Lee Donley’s van.

“Some of these we accumulated on sale during the summer and then we hit it a little harder this past week,” Donley said.

Not everyone can fill up their car with toys to donate, but they still make an effort. Sometimes dropping just one toy in the bin and sometimes coming out of Bi-Mart with an armful, like Linda Christensen did.

“I’ve been seeing you all morning on television and I thought, ‘Well, I need to run down to Bi-Mart and buy some toys,'” Christensen said.

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