Community Support For Injured Deputy

Deputy WebberKLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The Klamath Falls community has stepped up to support the injured deputy and his family as he recovers.

Klamath County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Weber was injured in the line of duty after he was shot twice on Wednesday morning.

Several organizations and individuals have put together fundraisers, and bank accounts for Deputy Weber.

People say they are finding anyway they can to help out, including one local woman who decided to donate cupcakes to the highest bidder. The proceeds will go to Webber’s family.

“Donating cupcakes is such an incredibly small drop in the bucket, but it’s something that I can do personally to help and when I posted that on my Facebook page I never expected it to erupt the way that it has. Currently it’s up to $250 for a dozen cupcakes,” said Bonnie Nork.

The Moose Lodge in Klamath Falls is also hosting a breakfast benefit this Saturday and has received hundreds of dollars worth of donated food and dozens of volunteers. The event will begin at 7 a.m. at the Moose Lodge located at 1577 Oak Ave. (Across from the Amtrak station). The Moose Lodge has not set a cost for the breakfast, but request people donate whatever they can afford. All proceeds will go directly to Deputy Weber and his family.

If you have any questions please message the Moose Lodge Facebook Page or call Josh White at (541) 591-9974.

“Any individual that takes their lives and puts it on the line for the safety of us and the community deserves it,” said Josh White with the Moose Lodge. .

The Klamath Public Employees Credit Union is setting up an account for anyone that would like to donate to Deputy Weber’s care. Donations can also be dropped off at the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office.

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