Conestoga Huts Fundraiser Breaks Goal

EUGENE, Ore. — Members of the group Community Supported Shelters say their focus is now on building after the community came together Sunday night to raise more than $4,000 to build six more Conestoga huts for people in need of temporary housing.

The fundraising goal for Sunday night of $3,600 was blown out of the water at the Cornbread Cafe.

Between spaghetti dinner proceeds and a silent auction, the vegan eatery was cookin’. People gave everything from $2 to $200.

“It was kind of overwhelming because there were so many people, but also it was really beautiful because people just found their place in this small space, they found people they knew, or they made friends with new people,” said Fay Dehbur, Community Supported Shelters Outreach Director.

Community Supported Shelters plans to build a total of 20 huts in the next few months. They say more sites to host them are needed though.

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  1. Brent Thompson says:

    If these people can get this thing going enough to where it could get to the Roseburg area, I would be more than happy to supply my carport as a builing space and start helping make these units.

    I am very accomplished with wood. My whole life as been spent designing windows and many other items out of wood. I have all the tools needed to build these myself. I am also certain that I can get other military Veterans to volunteer their time. A goodly amount of these units would be available to them. We need to get Roseburg ignited on this program also.

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