Confined Space Drill For Corvallis Fire

Corvallis Fire Department DrillCORVALLIS, Ore. — Imagine getting stuck in a confined space and not being able to get out. The Corvallis Fire Department says it gets called out to such scenarios, and crews need to be as prepared as possible when it does happen. On Thursday, the department conducted a drill at Oregon State University to practice rescue techniques for such situations.

The scenario crews practiced this week was that a boiler room shut down, someone inside had a medical issue and could not get out. Firefighters say they do the drills in different spots throughout the year to be as prepared as possible if one of the scenarios actually happened.

“Confined space is unique,” said Andy Louden, the Battalion Chief with the Corvallis Fire Department. “And they’re not skills that we use every day. And so you have to practice them. Because if you don’t, when it really happens, you’re going to have to think too much. We have to be able to react quickly.”

Corvallis Fire is the confined space rescue provider for OSU, so on Thursday crews practiced in the former steam plant that used to heat the campus.

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