Congress Adjourns Until November

EUGENE, Ore. — U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio is upset and frustrated that Congress cut out early with what he says are too many unsolved issues on its plates.

DeFazio says this Congress has produced one quarter as many bill enacted into law as Harry Truman’s “Do Nothing Congress”. He says there are huge issue left on the cutting room floor.

DeFazio says it should be deciding how to handle the United States Postal Service crisis, an issue many here in Oregon are paying close attention to because there are a number on the list of closures.

There was also no decision made on the Farm Bill, the Bush/Obama tax cuts set to sunset in January and the across-the-board budget cuts.

“Having served for some time and observed leadership under both parties, this is the first one in my tenure to earn a grade of P, which is this case is not passing, it’s pathetic,” DeFazio said.

DeFazio says he hopeful that when things get settled down after the election there will be more opportunity for cooperation and coordination.

Congress will have about eight weeks once it comes back after the election.

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