Construction Debris Causes Concern

EUGENE, Ore. — The new football facility at the University of Oregon has been the talk of the town. But some residents are now concerned about some debris and garbage left behind from construction.

KEZI 9 News received an email from a viewer who expressed his concern over debris he saw near Autzen Stadium. We saw debris in a pond near the east lot of Autzen, including construction tape and cones. Residents say the area is home to many different species of wildlife, and they’d like to see the mess cleaned up.

Dolly Zang, of Saginaw, walks her dog with a friend around the stadium a few times a week then walks to the dog park. Lately, she’s noticed garbage left behind from construction, and she feels something should be done.

“Whether they threw it in or it just fell in, they need to get in there and fish it out,” Zang said.

Zang says this isn’t the first time she’s seen garbage left behind after construction. She says she’s seen similar problems at other work sites around the city.

“Take everything you brought with you and they don’t. They leave it. I’ve seen it done a lot of places. I’ve seen it done,” Zang said.

Zang thinks cleaning up is important, something she feels should be done weekly to keep the issue small. She says the wild life in and around the water depend on it.

“They should just clean it up. If they continue it, it’ll grow bigger and bigger and they’ll have a massive problem, and that water, it feeds a lot of animals,” Zang said.

The university says it wasn’t aware of the issue regarding the debris and garbage in that area because no one had previously contacted them about it. Zang says she doesn’t blame the UO for the mess but would still like to see the area cleaned.

“Make sure that they clean up their mess. Let them know of it. If they’re not aware of it, now they will be. Make them come in and clean it up,” Zang said.

UO officials said it wasn’t contacted about the issue regarding debris and garbage on its property in that area. It says if any visitors notice issues like this, to call them at 541-346-4481, and it will clean up as soon as possible.

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  1. me says:

    The construction company should clean it up if they made the mess! Shame on them.

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