Contract Cancelled for Kaleidoscope

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A controversial music festival recently held at Mt. Pisgah has been cancelled indefinitely. Lane County leaders cancelled the Kaleidoscope Music Festival Tuesday morning at a county meeting.

Those who spoke at the meeting and live near Mt. Pisgah say the noise from the Kaleidoscope Music Festival was almost unbearable. County leaders say that was a major factor in their decision to cancel its contract with OneEleven productions.

Neighbors near Buford Park say the decision to cancel the festival for the future was the right one.

“I just read here that Kaleidoscope, the contract has been cancelled which I think is fabulous,” said Seavey Loop resident Anna Lawrence.

Lawrence didn’t applaud the decision to even have the festival in the first place.

“I have one house and it’s on Seavey Loop. And I plan to die there in about 30 years. But I’m not going to die before then because of these poor, poor money ridden choices made by the parks department,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence says Buford Park is parked out and has no natural habitat for a quarter mile.

“It’s inexcusable, it’s a park. Passive recreation, horseback riding, Howard Buford wanted people in wheelchairs to be able to get to the top of that mountain,” Lawrence said.

“There were some obvious noise issues and we wanted to respond to those complaints and in general the event is just not compatible with what our vision is for the Emerald Meadows Event Area,” said Mike Russell, Lane County Parks Manager.

Russell says the vision is to be able to host more family-friendly events. He says it was a learning process for the county, and the combination of noise complaints and litter are what led to the county’s decision.

COO of OneEleven Productions Jason Lear released this statement:

“We are deeply disappointed that our deal was cancelled this morning without the year’s notice required by contract and without benefit of a public hearing on the matter.”

Lane County says the contract with OneEleven was scheduled to run for three years, but given the noise complaints and environmental damage they breached that agreement.

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