Contractor Controversy Grows

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — More victims have come forward after KEZI 9 News reported a contractor who had taken people’s money then skipped town.

Kim Anderson of Springfield said she hired Jon Lang with Premium Fence and Construction to build a fence at her home. Unlike the previous victims, Lang finished the project at her house.

Anderson said she wrote Lang a letter afterward to let him know she wasn’t happy with the final product.

“He did the work. It was completely shotty. There were so many things that did not even meet our expectations at all. When we addressed, him he got very angry with us,” said Anderson.

Anderson said Lang avoided her for weeks and she had to do her own repair on her fence.

Lang said he plans to have his bond pay the money back to the people who didn’t get any work done at their homes.


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  1. don jones says:

    umm pretty lame.

    your bond company comes back after you. It is not free money nor is it insurance.

  2. Nancy Threatt says:

    I do had work done by this company and the work was not to our satisfaction.

  3. Kristine says:

    The bond is a finite amount. It’s not going to pay everyone for everything. What a jerk that guy is.

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