Controversy Over Multi-Use Path

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FLORENCE, Ore. — There’s a controversy in Florence over a proposal to build a multi-use bike and pedestrian path along Rhododendron Drive.

People living in the Greentrees subdivision say building the path would destroy hundreds or even thousands of Rhododendron plants along the scenic road. But the city of Florence says this path is necessary because of safety concerns.

“This whole thing has grown into what is a monster there was no reason to do this at all,” said Florence resident David Johnsen.

‘If you drive along Rhododendron today, it’s a two-lane road with very narrow shoulders, and there’s really no place for pedestrians or bicyclists, so this would add a lot of safety to it,” said Larry Patterson, City Manager Pro Tem.

The city says this path will be built in phases and the Greentrees area is in the last phase they plan to build.

They’ll present new plans for the path on August 18.

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