Cooks, Reynolds Ready to Fill Big Shoes

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LOS ANGELES, Calif.– The Beavers’ 2013 season will depend largely on their ability to replace Markus Wheaton and Jordan Poyer. At Pac-12 Media Day, Oregon State was represented by the two players who hope to fill their shoes.

Brandin Cooks and Rashaad Reynolds were this year’s player reps, which is a nice parallel to last year, when it was Wheaton and Poyer — a wide receiver and a cornerback. Now that Cooks and Reynolds have filled in for their 2012 bookends, they’ll now have to produce like them on the field.

“To be called upon as that number one guy, now I got to be a leader. I have to be that guy that [younger players] can come to when they need help,” Cooks said, “[Wheaton] and James Rodgers did it to be, so it’s like giving back. It’s a cycle, when I’m gone, one of the young guys will step up.”

“I learned a lot from [Poyer],” said Reynolds, “The one thing I can say he did, is he prepared for every game. He watched a lot of tape. He knew what [other teams] were going to do before they did it. That’s one thing I think I can really say I learned from him.”


Oregon State head coach Mike Riley:

Oregon State wide receiver Brandin Cooks:

Oregon State cornerback Rashaad Reynolds:

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