Cop Impersonator on the Loose

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police say a man posing as an officer is trying to get into local homes.

The person who reported the incident describes the suspect as a white male, 6’3” tall, 200 lbs, clean shaven, light brown or blonde hair and has a black gun in a brown holster.

Officers said the man knocked on a resident’s door, posing as a Santa Monica police officer and offered a number of reasons to come inside.

He is still on the loose. So if he knocks on your door, police say the best thing to do is stay calm.

“If the person is not a police officer, this is not a person you’d want to cause a confrontation with. If it is a police officer, we also don’t want it to turn into a confrontation because of any misunderstanding, so call 9-1-1, ask for a supervisor or some other safe method to confirm that they are who they say they are,” said Lt. Scott Fellman, Eugene Police Department.

The suspect drove away in a gray sedan with white license plates and a large antenna.

If you see or have any similar encounters, call Eugene police.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I hope the U of O is alerting everyone on campus. They should tell students not to let him in and not to go anywhere with him.

    Being alone with him could be a very bad idea – cop wannbes may have mental issues and can be dangerous.

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