Copper Thieves Cause Outage in Dexter

DEXTER, Ore. — CenturyLink says phone service outages in the Dexter area this weekend were caused by copper thieves.

CenturyLink’s operations manager says Saturday night someone cut 600 feet of cable and stripped it for its copper. Nearly 300 CenturyLink customers in Dexter were unable to call 9-1-1 or phone numbers outside the city.

CenturyLink says copper thieves have been posing as employees. The company wants people to know what to look for if they see suspicious activity.

“We have CenturyLink folks. Our vehicles are clearly marked with CenturyLink. We wear our orange vests and hard hats. We have identification. We also have contractors who work for us, and their vehicles are clearly marked,” said Jason Johannesen, CenturyLink Operations Manager.

There is no word on any suspects.

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