Copper Thieves Target Dexter Area Again

DEXTER, Ore. — Phone and internet service in Dexter has been restored, after another outage caused by copper theft. This type of theft is costing Century Link and local communities thousands of dollars. Crews worked through the night to provide a temporary fix to the most recent phone and internet outages in the Dexter area.

“It effects you know residential, business customers, police, fire departments, hospitals, schools. It certainly is not good for the public,” said Roman Hernandez, Century Link area supervisor.

The crews are restoring service after thieves removed around 300 feet of cable. Century Link said they’re doing this to sell the copper inside the wires, causing a headache for crews working to restore service.

“The process is quite painstaking, we have to go and locate the area, often times it’s difficult to get back in there and put it back the same way,” said Hernandez.

This isn’t the first time copper thieves targeted this part of Dexter. “It was within a couple hundred feet of the cable theft that happened approximately a month ago, where the same customers, approximately 300 out of the Dexter area were without service for about 24 hours,” said Hernandez.

Century Link is hoping it’s the last theft like this in the area. It’s working with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office and might even have some security camera footage of the thieves in action. “You know we may and we may not. We’re doing everything we can right now to gather as much intelligence as we can to put a stop to it. So I don’t want to let everyone know what we’re doing, we are actively pursuing the situation,” said Hernandez.

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