Corvallis City Parks Employees Rescue Kittens from Hole

May 16, 2012

By Heather Turner

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Those kittens KEZI 9 News told you about on Tuesday are now safe and looking for a home after Corvallis city workers saved them from a hole.

On Tuesday, KEZI 9 News was at Avery Park in Corvallis doing a story on how the “dinosaur bones” play area is now closed due to damage caused by recent storms.

While we were there, a city employee heard the cries of a kitten inside one of the holes in the structure.

Pete Meyers, with Corvallis City Parks, set a live trap on Tuesday after he heard purring and caught a glimpse of a kitten trapped in the play structure.

When he checked on it Wednesday morning, he found not one, but two kittens safe inside the trap.

City workers aren’t sure how the cats got inside, but say people abandoning animals in city parks has been an issue, and they’re glad these kittens are now safe.

“Since these cats were rescued and will go to a nice home, they’ll have a longer and healthier life.  Animals that grow up in parks have a shorter lifespan, they’re not protected from illnesses and diseases, and for that reason we’re most happy,” said Corvallis’ Park Planner Jackie Rochefort.

On Wednesday, another small kitten was found inside the same hole.

City workers put another live trap in to rescue that one, and say they’ll continue setting traps until they’re sure no more kittens are inside and they’re all safe.

City employees are trying to find good homes for the kittens.  If they’re unsuccessful, they’ll be taken to Heartland Humane Society before the weekend.

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