Corvallis Club Rebuilds Model Railroad

CORVALLIS, Ore. — We’ve all got our hobbies, but how much work are we willing to put in to keep enjoying them?

One club is going above and beyond, strapping on utility belts to take their hobby to the next level.

After 50 years of running model trains on the old layout, members of the Corvallis Society of Model Engineers decided it was time to rebuild.  They started building a new layout in January and are already well on their way to completion.

Club members are spending countless hours perfecting their love for model trains.

Currently, they’re working on the basic framing, modeling it after a current rail line that runs from Albany to Toledo.

Once they’re done, around 20 of the club’s members can be running their trains at their clubhouse at any time.

Members say there’s more to it than just having plain old fun with their toys.

“The railroad is what opened up the West. It’s what allowed people to come to Oregon, and it developed the industry around here. So as we model those things, we actually celebrate some of the historical aspects of what went on in this country,” said Jerry Boudreaux of the Corvallis Society of Model Engineers.

After they’re done building the layout they’ll start putting together the scenery, adding in the tracks, trees and buildings.

Club members say the small details could take them a few years.

They say the trains will be running in time for the next open house where the public can come and watch this coming November.

For more information, visit their web site at http://www.csme1959.org/

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