Corvallis Co-op Installs Electric Car Charging Stations

By Heather Turner

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Electric car-charging stations have been popping up all over Oregon. And now, a co-op that’s striving to be a model of sustainable living is making waves in Corvallis.

When it comes to electric car charging stations, there are three levels of voltage.

The new ones at the First Alternative Co-Op are level 2.

For electric car owners, that means a full charge in about six hours.

By contrast, a level 1 can take nearly 18 hours.

The co-op now has two public charging stations at the north store and will get two more at their south store.

With so few charging stations in Oregon, co-op managers say they’re ideally situated to boost the local economy.

“Most people who use these stations are from out of town, so they’re going to come to town, plug in, and then go downtown and use the businesses down there,” said Jonathan Carroll, First Alternative Co-Op.

And to make the co-op even more environmentally friendly, solar panels provide some of their energy needs.

For those of you wanting to use these car charging stations, all you have to do is get an activation card, and the co-op will cover the electrcity costs, so it’s free for you.

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