Corvallis Construction Causes Congestion

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Drivers can expect some extra traffic on 4th Street in Corvallis until mid-October, while the City replaces a pipe.

The storm water system project began last year, but started back up again on Thursday. The City says it is fixing a storm water system pipe that is not working properly between Western Boulevard and C Avenue along Highway 99 southbound.

The Project Manager says the construction will help with flooding issues, and that water running off the highway will be cleaner before it goes into the Mary’s River.

“We are upgrading the existing inlets with bio-filtration inlets which will treat the storm water before it is discharged into the Mary’s River,” said Project Manager Josh Tacchini with the Department of Public Works.

He says two lanes of traffic at times will be closed during the day, but the on-ramp going to Highway 20/34 will remain open. Crews will be working on the project Monday-Thursday 7 am – 4 pm, and on Fridays from 7 am – noon.

“If people could go other routes that is preferred, but being that it’s 4th Street and our main south-bound artery out of downtown, we’re going to have a lot of cars,” Tacchini said.

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