Corvallis da Vinci Days

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Art, science and technology all blend together in Corvallis this weekend. Da Vinci Days kicked off Friday night.

Volunteers have spent all week setting up the site for the 24th annual da Vinci Days festival on OSU’s lower campus. Event organizers say da Vinci Days is full of exhibits and activities that all ages can enjoy.

There are more than 150 booths showcasing the community’s creativity.

The green town focuses on sustainability, a children’s village is a place where kids can go for games and activities, the OSU discovery village offers a hands-on approach to learn about the different departments at OSU, and the artist village highlights local artists’ work, while teaching the community how to do what they do.

“Just the interactiveness of it, hands-on. It’s not so much. Come in and spend the money. It’s come in and enjoy the experience and be able to see how things work and ask the questions,” said da Vinci Days Executive Director Nicole Dodson.

There will also be a community art project display, kinetic parade and man-powered vehicle race, an independent film festival, live entertainment, and of course, food and drinks.

Organizers say it was all made possible with the help of about 500 volunteers.

Those who haven’t purchased their tickets yet can buy a full weekend pass at the main entrance.

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