Corvallis Garbage Service Delayed

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — The slippery roads have delayed garbage services in some Corvallis neighborhoods.

Republic Services is asking for patience. The company says it couldn’t get to at least 2,500 homes since the snow hit, especially in the hilly areas of town.

The company says if a truck hasn’t picked up your garbage, recycling or yard debris bins, to leave your carts out.

“Our problem is really one of safety,” said Julie Jackson, the Division Municipal Manager of Republic Services. “We want to make sure that people out there in their cars are safe and that our drivers are safe as well. And so we’re extra, extra careful in this weather. And that has made it difficult to get to all of the carts.”

If trucks haven’t arrived by your normal service day this week, you can leave out extra bags for free pick-up. Trucks will try to double-back later in the week to areas that they still cannot get to. Jackson also asks customers to make sure their carts aren’t stuck to the ground.

“We’re just asking people to double check that their carts are movable and that it isn’t frozen to the ground so our trucks can come by with the automated arms and pick it up,” she said.

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