Corvallis Hotel Proposal Passes

Corvallis Hotel

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A new hotel will be built in Corvallis, as long as there are no appeals.

The Planning Commission approved the developer’s proposal to build a hotel on 9th Street and Cornell Avenue behind Shari’s Restaurant and Keller Williams Realty.

The applicant, A&A Construction and Development of Spokane, Wash., made three land use applications that would allow them to build its current design.

Employees at Keller Williams, who share the parking lot with Shari’s, like the idea but they are concerned about future traffic issues.

“There just seems to be a lot of congestion. You add more cars, more bicycles; more pedestrians into the mix – and I’m just concerned about a potential fatality down the road with this added traffic,” said Sue Long, Operating Principal at Keller Williams Realty.

Long says despite her concerns of traffic congestion, she is pleased that the city will see a new hotel. She argues that when there are major events in Corvallis, there aren’t enough hotel rooms to fill the need.

“This is a wonderful project,” she said. “It’s a perfect business to compliment the community to have a nice major-brand hotel nearby.”

The Planning Division says because the developer did not request to make any comprehensive plan amendment changes, the case will not have to go to the city council unless someone appeals it by April 15. The developer says the hotel will be part of a major chain, though it has not yet released the name of the company.

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