Corvallis Intersection to Get Face-lift

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — A busy Corvallis intersection near the Oregon State University campus is about to get a face-lift.

OSU is building a new residence hall right off Southwest 15th Street, which could create more traffic.

The university and the city are teaming up to re-align the street near the railroad tracks. That means a signal will go up on the corner of Washington Way.

Drivers and pedestrians who use the intersection say it’s dangerous the way it is now.

“That’s probably one of the biggest issues is the turning. People are scared to shoot the gaps that they have. Especially at night, you can’t see very well,” said OSU student Russel Moates.

“When I cross as a pedestrian, it’s really hard to see if there’s traffic coming around the corner, and you almost don’t know until you start crossing,” said OSU student Ashley Dupuy.

The first phase of construction is scheduled to start in April.

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