Corvallis Marijuana Dispensary Applicant

The Healing Center

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program started accepting applications this week, and on Tuesday, the state said less than 10 applicants from Benton County had registered for the program.

The Oregon Health Authority stated that because there were so few applicants, confidentiality laws prohibit the state from giving an exact number, but there have been between 1-10 applicants.

The Healing Center was one of the applicants, a shop located in downtown Corvallis. The owners say their mission is to help people in chronic pain, and they are excited to open soon as a medical marijuana dispensary.

“It means the world to me because of how much we’ve dedicated our lives – we basically stopped everything we were doing and started this whole track,” said Ryan Smith, one of the co-owners. “So really it means everything.”

To the owners – relieving pain does not necessarily mean smoking. It could mean extracting cannabis oils and using them in other ways.

“We’ll have a lot of products – a lot of hand lotions and face creams,” Smith said. “Anything you can think of to help people. Whatever they need to relieve pain and get off some of their medications.”

The Healing Center also has a doctor who can help patients apply for a medical marijuana card. Store owners hope to open within the next few weeks.

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