Moms Rally for Gun Control

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — A group of women rallied for tougher gun laws Saturday. Around 100 people showed up at the One Million Moms for Gun Control rally in Central City Park.

Organizers say they are not trying to take guns away from hunters, but they want tighter regulations on certain types of guns and ammunition.

The national organization started on December 14, 2012 after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The mid-Willamette chapter began a week and a half before the rally and already has 56 members. The woman who started the chapter said she wanted to get involved after she explained the shooting to her son.

“We started talking about it and he just started crying and I sat there on the couch holding my seven year old and I thought this has to stop. All I can promise my child at this moment is that I’m going to do everything I can starting now to make this stop,” said Sarah Finger McDonald, the event organizer.

At the rally, people signed a banner thanking President Barack Obama for pushing for stricter gun control laws. They also wrote letters to local elected officials asking for change.


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  1. don jones says:

    quote: One speaker said she finds it hard to believe that it’s more difficult to get a drivers license than it is to get a gun.

    AND one speaker is so ignorant that they don’t realize that drunks kill far more people than guns do. But the speaker doesn’t care about that because getting drunk and driving around in your car is your perceived right as well as socially normal .

    1. Suzy says:

      There is no reason to call someone ignorant, because they do NOT talk about all tragedy or all senseless deaths. The point is cars and many other things are more regulated than guns. To say someone does not care about another issue is senseless.

    2. cloudy says:

      In 1965, 5.3 people died per 100 million miles driven, a total of 47,000 people dying on our roads. The rate of vehicle deaths was increasing. Then we had Ralph Nader (Unsafe At Any Speed) and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). The result? It cut the death rate by a factor of 5. By 2009 one-fifth as many people were dying on the road per 100 million miles even though we drove 4 times as many miles.
      This remarkable success did not come at the expense of denying us cars. This year vehicle deaths and gun deaths will intersect on the graph with gun deaths rapidly increasing and vehicle deaths decreasing. The figures for 2012 should be about 33,000 vehicle deaths and about 33,000 gun deaths. Both figures are for all causes of death. Why does the NRA and 25% of the population who own guns oppose any effort to slow down the slaughter in our classrooms and homes? The NRA needs to expand its effective Eddie Eagle program for children and stop spending millions to eliminate gun safety laws. The weapons manufacturers (supported by both political parties) spend millions to make guns more and more deadly.
      (Source: http://www.datamasher.org/mash-ups/firearm-deaths-vs-vehicle-deaths)

  2. Gun Owner says:

    Yeah its a college town, everyone knows kids get drunk all the time, many underaged, and thats OK……….but when a few people go nuts out of about 100 million LAWFUL gun owners (almost all having mental issues that should have been previously addressed) then its OHHH BAD GUNS!! SHAME ON YOU GUNS!!!.

    Why isnt MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) speaking out against the brands of alcohol drunks use or type of cars drunks drive? Thats the EXACT same analogy.

    “All I can promise my child at this moment is that I’m going to do everything I can starting now to make this stop,” said Sarah Finger McDonald, the event organizer. Well then get a concealed permit, learn to safely carry and use a gun to protect yourself and your family when others (ie Police) cannot.

    1. Bingo says:

      Gun Owner, you need to be respectful. What era were you born in? if you are concerned about your second amendment rights, first learn to use the first amendment rights responsibly. The fact that you are not using your first amendment rights responsibly prove the point that you are NOT responsible enough to even be worth of your second amendment rights!

      1. Postone says:

        And the fact that would deny (Gun Owner) this person his right to his personal opinion tells me you should be quiet and respect others as you want to be respected.

        But even though (and I certainly I do not personally like your comment, I would never suggest that you be denied the right to say it.

        Nothing like attacking someone because you don’t like what they said… Thank god your not running anything…

  3. Dianne says:

    It is just as hard to buy a gun as it is to get a drivers license unless of course you are a criminal who is buying a gun from another criminal. Cigarettes kill people, drugs kill people, cars kill people, knives kill people, people kill people with hands etc…all those things kill a heck of a lot more people that guns do!

  4. Postone says:

    That’s all well and good mom.

    But what about every time you get into your vehicle with your son and drive at breakneck speeds, (because you’re late for an appointment, or just because you’re in a hurry to get no where) tailgate, talk on your cell phone, cut other drivers, use a turn signal just as you are turning the corner (which does no good to put it on and turn at the same instant) off, etc…

    You and people like you kill 10 or 20 times what guns kill with their vehicle’s every year!
    I don’t see you flying a sign about that? I don’t see you advocating for stricter vehicle laws?

    Is it the vehicle that’s at fault or is it people who kill with their vehicles?

    Not only that, when you drive down the road like a lunatic you are teaching your kid to drive just like you…. And I don’t need to see you drive to know you do the above mentioned things. Because 99% of the driving population do them each and every day!

    I know because I’m the guy in the far right lane driving about 58mph watching you people in your pissing contest with each other, six days a week!

    1. Suzy says:

      Sounds like a cause you want to advocate go for it.

    2. ghostbusters says:

      So what is your point? What data or scientific study do you have to quote whatever point you are trying to make. You need to be polite in how express your opinions. Be respectful of parents – you had/have a mother too. And, by the way gun death are now exceeding deaths from motor-related accidents – get your facts straight before you rant.

      Grow up and talk like an adult, not like a spoiled child yourself

      1. Postone says:

        You need to shut you big mouth and let others have their opinions…..

        1. Postone says:

          Shut me up moron!

  5. Manfred says:

    Background checks and registration will not be any deterent to people that want any type of weapons from getting them. Our warm and fuzzy mentality has produced a population of people that are unable to cope with reality. We wrap ourselves in Hollywood, violent video games, drugs and exhibit no regard for anyone but ourselves. A great example of drunk driving was made above. What about domestic violence, student/student and student/teacher assaults? Illegal immigration has produced a cancer of illegal activities that damages our society more that law-abiding citizens ever could, yet we feel warm and fuzzy by abetting this felony. Corvallis is a good example of ticky-tack where students at OSU are bundled to look and think like their professors. The city “taxes” paper shopping bags because the Sierra Club likes it that way but forget about your convienence. Get smart, you’ve already lost at least two generations to your one size fits all mentality.

  6. Richard says:

    Quoted: “One speaker said she finds it hard to believe that it’s more difficult to get a drivers license than it is to get a gun.”

    How is this not obvious?
    You have a constitutional right to a gun.
    You don’t have a constitutional right to a driver’s license.

  7. woody1 says:

    chicago has more restrictions and more people killed,when criminals obey laws then in a perfect world gun violence will decrease till then no.

    1. Bingo says:

      And, where do these guns in Chicago come from? Check them out: http://io9.com/5980452/this-is-where-chicago-gets-its-guns

      Don’t use flawed arguments to prove your point…. Do your research well.

  8. Ben Dover says:

    What does a mom know about guns? Nothing, just what she hears from a crazy liberal.

    1. demo says:

      And what do you know about a gun? Nothing, just what you hear from a crazy moron.

  9. Nathan says:

    Don’t let facts and reason get in the way of a good emotional argument. Give into the fear of what you do not know and let our betters in the government tell us what we should do to feel safe.

  10. Archaeopteryx says:

    Cars are not designed to maim or kill. Generally speaking, people do not drive cars into schools to kill other people.

    However, once in a while crazy people do load up with a small arsenal of weapons designed to create lots of dead people quickly, and proceed to kill people with speed and efficiency. Does it not seem quite reasonable to limit access to a class of military-grade weapons (and ammunition and accessories) made solely for killing large numbers of people?

  11. Ahshucks says:

    Lady don’t you understand that it is criminals, psycho’s and druggies that are doing all the killings. You really need to get over your libber thinking and face the facts. Your trying to take guns away from good people. Bad people will get guns, bats, knives etc anyway they can. Teach your boy to be a hard working person and not someone that cries to get their way. Lady your a very week person that needs to get a grip on the truth.

    1. Ahshucks2 says:

      Ahshucks (lady or guy, whatever you are), it sounds like you are the weaker person here. The people in this rally seem to me like the braver ones here who have the courage to speak out respectfully and logically, while you hide behind your computer screen and whine about how you don’t want to lose your guns!!!! Besides none of these people seem to be indicating that they are rallying for removal of second amendment. Why don’t you just take a chill pill and go whine someplace else.

      1. ahshucks says:

        Not only are you a psyscho you had to copy my screeen name. Your to Fing dumb to come up with your own name. Talk about weak (not week) you can’t spell and you hide behind the computer screen. Why don’t you go suck on your mommies T** instead of bothering the rest of us.

  12. Don K says:

    For me gun control is very important. I almost always hit what I am aiming at !

  13. Postone says:

    I guess all the criminals will cringe when these new gun laws go into effect.

    Although you don’t suppose that just maybe the bad guys or criminals would purchase an illegal firearm do you? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they wouldn’t do that. They will go into a gun store (felony record in hand) and purchase a firearm…

    By the way the last big shooting we had, those guns were purchased legally. What does your new gun laws accomplish now? Oops…

    Why not make all guns illegal. The police in every community will just come buy your home and collect them. There problem solved!

    Yeah these moms are the same people who are so concerned about new gun laws and safety are the same people who drive their 4 to 8 thousand pound vehicles at breakneck speeds, tailgate (following too close) cutting off each other, flipping off each other, cutting across multiple lanes to get to that turn off or freeway exit. Slamming on the brakes to teach someone they “think” slighted them a lesson, all while steering with a cell phone in their hands!

    And you moms do this all with your little children in the car with you. Not only are you endangering yourself and others you are putting your precious children at risk. That is at least part of the reason for your little rally, to keep children safe from guns? Don’t try to deny this, because I’ve been driving a Class A vehicle (big rig) for 17 years in the slow lane at 58-60 mph watching you safe moms in a pissing contest with other drivers. Actually 99% of the public in this nation drive like this and do this kind of crap, but I’m addressing our concerned moms at this juncture!

    According to the Huffpost there were the lowest amount of Traffic deaths in 2011 in the U.S. yet there were still over 32,000 in that year! That is at least “three times” as many deaths by guns in the U.S. the same year!

    So moms, how come we don’t see you pillars of the community flying a sign and rallying for tougher vehicle laws? I’ll tell you why, Because then you wouldn’t be able to drive like lunatics and you might end up in Jail and be charged with criminal child abuse for driving recklessly with your children in the car with you!

    Guns do NOT kill people anymore than vehicles do! People, like you moms kill people, in their cars and with guns!

    You talk about hypocrites! You “moms” need to shut your mouths and live (drive) your own lethal lives!

    I think we should crate a law that says all stupid people (like you moms) can never own a gun, never drive a motor vehicle, or state your worthless opinion’s and must go directly to Jail!

  14. ahshucks says:

    If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.”
    We must respond by staying true to the fourth amendment: “If I’m not doing anything wrong, and you have no probable cause, evidence or warrant, then I respectfully demand that you let me go about my business.

    I think its time for all gun owners vote against any tax, fee’s etc. increases in the next elections.

    Time to vote agains polititions that are for gun control of any type. Time for Kitty Peirce to go.

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