Corvallis Mosque Fire Suspect Ordered to House Arrest

EUGENE, Ore. — A young man accused of setting fire to a Corvallis mosque will get to go home to his family while he awaits trial.

The prosecution argued Crawford was a safety threat and a flight risk.

The judge ultimately decided he could stay at his mother’s house where his young son lives, as long as he wears a GPS-monitoring bracelet.

The court also ordered Crawford to work with a mental health expert to cope with his autism diagnosis.

He looked back at his mom a number of times during the hearing and started crying when he realized he would be going home.

This is a no-tolerance release; if he gets in trouble, he’s back in jail.

We caught up with Crawford’s mom Robin as she left the courthouse. She said all she can do is smile.

The court will release Crawford Wednesday morning after fitting him with the GPS device.

Crawford faces charges of damaging religious property and arson.

The prosecution told the judge its case and evidence against Crawford have gotten stronger.

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