Corvallis Mural Stirs Up Debate

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — A Corvallis mural is stirring up Oregon’s congressional delegation.

Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Peter DeFazio are critical of Chinese diplomats who pushed for the mural to be removed.

The Chinese consulate general in San Francisco complained about the mural in a letter to Corvallis’s mayor last month, then sent two high-ranking managers to press their case in person.

The mayor told the Chinese diplomats that freedom of expression is protected under American law.

The man who owns the store and commissioned the mural is glad it’s generating a conversation.

“My hope is to make American people aware that we cannot trade without a human right consideration,” said store owner David Lin.

The mural, painted by a Taiwanese artist, depicts violent repression of Tibetan protesters by Chinese riot police and defiant images of Taiwan.

China considers both regions part of its territory.

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