Corvallis Police: Operation Chill

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CORVALLIS, Ore. —   Kids in Corvallis will get free Slurpees – if a police officer sees them doing something safe or responsible.

The program, funded by 7-11, is showing kids across the nation that not all interactions with police officers are bad.

On Thursday, Corvallis Police Officer Luther MacLean took KEZI 9 News out on patrol with him – but it was not to look for crime.

“Hey can I talk to you for just a sec?” Officer MacLean yelled out the window as a kid biked by. Officer MacLean got out of his vehicle and walked towards the child who not only was wearing his helmet, but he had signaled before he turned.

“Two things I liked that you did,” Officer MacLean told the boy. “You’re wearing your helmet which is a good thing, and you paid attention to your mom. And you were very careful when I pulled up and you waited to make sure it was safe to turn.”

The police officer then gave the boy a coupon for a free Slurpee.

“And I’m Luther by the way,” Officer MacLean said as he extended his hand. “It was nice to meet you. Do you wear your helmet all the time? I bet you do. I have a feeling that’s something that you do regularly.”

Officer MacLean says the program is a way for officers to promote kids being good citizens: being safe and being responsible. But the program is also a way for police officers to interact with the community in a positive way.

“Having a good reason just to stop and talk to people – and have a conversation that doesn’t involve jail and handcuffs  – is really cool,” Officer MacLean said “It’s very cool.”

Kids can get coupons for doing things like wearing a bike helmet, signaling on their bike, or helping someone out. Officers will be handing out the coupons all summer long and through the early part of the school year.

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