Corvallis Police Search for Attacker

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Police officers in Corvallis are still searching for the man accused of attacking a young woman while walking through Oregon State University’s campus Tuesday night.

Officers are commending the young woman for fighting back and being able to get away. While she is doing just fine now, officers say she still needs the community’s help.

“It’s normally very quiet and I’ve never felt unsafe,” said OSU employee Christina Bradbury.

For many campus regulars, that sense of security was breached following news of an assault on Tuesday night.

“Honestly, I was kind of shocked because this area seems like a pretty safe place for most of the students. And I mean I’m only a freshman here, but all I’ve seen or heard has only been positive,” said OSU student Josie Stickel.

It happened in the northern part of the OSU campus near Southwest 30th Street and Southwest Campus Way. Police say the young woman, who is not a student, was knocked to the ground from behind. Despite efforts from several different departments, an area search was fruitless and leaves some uneasy.

“I was worried about the women that come to campus, because now they’re not going to be safe to walk around,” said OSU student Juan Bolanos.

But university patrol says everyone should be on high alert.

“Regardless of gender, all people should be aware of their safety not only at night but at all times,” said Sgt. Vonn Schleicher, Oregon State Police.

Based on the victim’s detailed description, police created a composite sketch. The community is being asked to keep an eye out for a nose injury or black eye that the suspect would have gotten as the victim fought to get away.

“I hope it will really open people’s eyes, because it did for me,” Bradbury said.

In the end, officers and residents hoped folks would use this as a learning opportunity and protect themselves from becoming a victim too.

Despite what happened to her, officers say the victim is doing fine. If you recognize the man in the sketch or have any information about the incident, you’re asked to contact the University Police office.

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