Corvallis Police Seeks Job Applicants

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ALBANY, Ore. — Students and community members who came to the career fair at Linn Benton Community College Wednesday say they’re optimistic about job opportunities in the area.

There were hundreds of job seekers and more than 80 booths at the career fair.

It was a way for businesses to meet potential employees face-to-face instead of just seeing an online resume.

“I have a strong science background, so I am looking for something maybe in forensics or kind of a detective-type position. So I was inquiring about that,” said Paul Logan, who stopped by the Corvallis Police Department’s booth.

The department is hiring for three full-time police officers. To qualify, you need the equivalent of a two-year degree in terms of credit hours. You would also have to pass various tests, including a fitness test and background evaluations.

“It’s a very, very rewarding time to work in. We’re a full-service agency in that our sworn officers, our patrol officers, they complete full investigations. A lot of big agencies don’t have that opportunity,” said Sgt. Jeff Marr, Corvallis Police Department.

The department says it should hire more officers later this summer thanks to last year’s local option levy that voters passed.

If you’re interested in a position with the Corvallis Police Department, click here for more information.

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