Corvallis Ranks 10th in Tech Startups

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Corvallis has recently been ranked tenth in the nation for high-technology startups, and the City’s Economic Development Office says it isn’t surprised.

Economic advisor Ian Hathaway compiled the study, called “Tech Starts: High-Technology Business Formation and Job Creation in the United States” for Engine and the Kauffman Foundation.

Hathaway published a list of the top 25 metros for high-tech startup density, and Corvallis tied for tenth place with Cheyenne, Wyoming and Salt Lake City, Utah. Boulder, Colorado snagged the number one spot.

The study says despite Corvallis’ relatively small size, it represents two percent of high-tech startups nationally. The Corvallis Economic Development Office says its mission is to innovate, grow, and thrive businesses in Corvallis. And the office says it’s not too surprised by the recent findings.

“This study is just confirmation that we’re on the right track,” said Tom Nelson, Economic Development Manager. “That what we’re doing in our economic strategy is what is important and what is working.”

Corvallis ranks number one in the state for high-tech startups, and Nelson says the small city is filled with entrepreneurism.

“Corvallis has so much innovation coming out of the University, as well as people out at HP and all the people who have worked at HP,” Nelson said. “All the spin-off companies that have started. There’s just a lot of innovation.”

Nelson says the Economic Development Office is full of resources to help any startup business get on its feet.

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