Corvallis Riverfront Hotel Closer to Construction

By Heather Turner

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A proposed riverfront hotel is now one step closer to getting the final go-ahead for construction.  The Corvallis Planning Commission unanimously approved it Wednesday night.

Residents KEZI 9 News spoke with have mixed reactions about adding a hotel in the vacant lot next to the waterfront on First Street, between Adams and Washington avenues.

Some say it will take away from the small-town feel, while others think it will be a nice addition to downtown.

The hotel would be five stories and 130 rooms all fashioned to be first class and urban styled.

The proposal also includes an enclosed pool, exercise facility, meeting rooms, nearly 110 parking spaces, and 45-hundred square feet of retail space available for lease on the ground floor.

Not everyone is sold on it quite yet.

“I think that we can use a lot of variety in our town. Looks like the town is growing. There’s going to be a lot of parents associated with all of the students that are going to be coming in the near term, so I think it’s just fine,” said Maia Fischler.

“I’m sure it would fit in Portland or somewhere like that, but I like my small-town feel and I feel like the more large buildings that they keep putting up here takes away from that and takes away from my enjoyment of walking around,” said Casey Strickland.

If the proposal isn’t appealed, construction will begin in about a year.

The developer says the goal is to have the hotel open by the summer of 2014.

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