Corvallis Roads Still Icy

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The roads around Corvallis are just as icy as they’ve been all weekend.

The Public Works Department says it’s been putting sand down on roads throughout town.

The department says the snow fell at the worst possible time on Friday, right before the morning commute. Crews say the cars packed the snow down, making it harder to get any traction on the icy surface.¬†They say the snow is so compact on the roads that the plows just aren’t the best option.

“If you’re plowing you’re just taking the top layer off,” said Mary Steckel, the Corvallis Public Works Director. “You’re leaving a surface behind that’s that much slicker and icier. So it’s not a good idea to plow at that time. So really the only viable option for us was to do sanding.”

But not being able to plow is not the only problem.

“Over the last two nights when it’s gotten below zero degrees, it has had an effect on our equipment, and it has been freezing up as well,” Steckel said. “So it has kind of delayed some of the progress that we’ve made, but we’ve been pushing through and trying to stay on track as much as we can,”

Public Works crews will keep working around the clock putting sand down on the roads until the snow melts.

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