Corvallis Schools Making Up Snow Days

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Monday is Presidents’ Day, typically a day off of school, but not for students in the Corvallis School District. They went to class to make up for a snow day.

The snow caused the district to lose eight school days so far this school year, but because of two allowed emergency days, it only has to make up six days of those days. Three were already scheduled from December’s snow storm, but the district is asking parents for input on how to make up the last three days from last week’s storm.

Students already made up a day on Jan. 31, and another on Monday. Elementary schoolers will make up a third snow day on April 9; middle and high schoolers will make up a day on April 10.

Options for the remaining three snow days include cancelling parent conferences in April, extending the school year to June 18, or adding 14-18 minutes a day to the school days beginning March 31 through the end of the year.

Some parents say they don’t want to give up the opportunity that they usually have to meet with teachers for conferences. But tacking on additional days to the end of the school year may interrupt family or teacher summer plans.

Some students say the snow was not worth the trouble.

“It was definitely not worth it,” said Cheldelin Middle School student Bradly Gutierrez. “I did a lot this weekend with friends and I would have like to have had a longer weekend but instead we had to make it up for snow.”

Another student says he wouldn’t give the snow days back.

“I had a lot of good times in the snow,” said Cheldelin Middle School student Preston Suvoy. “We don’t get snow a lot and so you always have summer but you don’t always have snow. I think it’s fine. It’s not the best, but I don’t know. It’s equal. You have to make up those days somehow.”

If you’d like to vote in the survey that will help decide how to make up the remaining three snow days, click here.

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