Corvallis Seeks Input on Hotel Proposal

Hotel ApplicationCORVALLIS, Ore. — A new hotel might be coming to Corvallis – if the Planning Commission approves the developer’s land use applications.

The developer, A&A Construction and Development of Spokane, Wash., hasn’t said which major hotel chain would be moving in, but it would be located behind Shari’s Restaurant on Ninth Street and Cornell Avenue.

The Planning Commission still has to approve the developer’s three land use applications. One is a plan development application that requests multiple variations from the land development code. One example is building the hotel to be 51 feet high – which is six feet taller than what the land development code allows. The developer also wants to locate a sign 40 feet from the ground – higher than the code’s allowance of 25 feet.

The developer’s second land use application is a conditional development request to build a structure that is larger than the code’s allowed 7,500 square feet.

The third request is to combine the current two tax lot properties into one.

So far, the city says it has not heard any complaints from residents.

“I haven’t received any inquiries or phone calls or comments or anything from the public since the public notice was mailed out a few weeks ago,” said Carl Metz, Associate Planner.

The city encourages the community to provide input. Wednesday night’s Planning Commission meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the downtown Corvallis fire station.

Click here to see the meeting packet with more information on the proposal.

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