Corvallis “Shark Tank” Spinoff Event

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – Two Corvallis entrepreneurs were selected in a local spinoff rendition of ABC’s “Shark Tank” to be part of the OSU Advantage Accelerator, a program that will help them expand their businesses.

The OSU Advantage Accelerator, a Corvallis program, teamed up with the Willamette Innovators’ Network Tuesday evening for the Shark Tank event. The Accelerator is part of the Regional Accelerator Innovation Network (RAIN), which helps start-ups get going or to help businesses expand.

The two winners, Carts & Tools and Oil Ex Tech, did not receive financial compensation, but they will have mentors to help them get to the next level.

Carts & Tools, a Corvallis start-up company, has created “Tillie,” a farming tiller. Brad Attig, a spokesperson for the start-up, says the company is excited to get feedback from the mentors and verify its marketing tactics are the most efficient.

“This kind of provides us with a nice bridge so we can access some of the things that are going on at OSU, even though we didn’t necessarily come out of the OSU research environment,” he said.

The other winner, Oil Ex Tech, is an OSU spin-off company that developed a microwavable essential oil extraction kit. The Corvallis-based company is already receiving worldwide attention, but it says it is time to grow.

“The Accelerator gives this an opportunity to have people develop their technologies locally stay locally,” said one of the inventors, Bill Dean. “We really want to build the company and build the structure of the company. And that’s one of the things that the Accelerator offers here.”

The Shark Tank winners did not receive financial compensation, but they will receive something else.

“They’ll receive one-on-one mentoring,” said John Turner, one of the co-directors of the OSU Advantage Accelerator. “So we’ll typically meet with them every couple of weeks, and talk about the strategies and tactics of putting together a business.”

Turner says the Accelerator helps entrepreneurs in all stages of business. To apply to the program, visit the following website and click the “Apply Now” button: http://oregonstate.edu/advantage/about-advantage-accelerator

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