Corvallis Snow Update

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – Parts of Corvallis are seeing at least eight inches of snow, and as the temperatures continue to drop, the roads are getting worse.

For kids and pets that means cancelled school and lots of play time. But for people trying to get to work that means hazardous travel.

On Friday morning, Corvallis Police received so many calls about crashes, they were not able to respond to all of them. Dispatch says most have been minor fender benders.

At the corner of Witham Hill Drive and 36thStreet, police responded to a seven-car crash Friday morning. But by noon, a total of about 15 cars had gotten stuck at some point during the morning at the icy intersection. Car by car, tow trucks wheeled them out. But even the tow trucks were getting stuck.

“I spun out and got stuck,” said Oregon State University student Nick Srstka. “And then about fifteen minutes later, the guy that is behind me spun out too and hit me and we’ve been waiting for the tow ever since.”

Srstka was on his way to an 8 am class at OSU when he slid off the road, and waited for at least 3 hours.

“It wasn’t icy, at least not this morning,” he said. “But it was so slick because it was compacted. Once you get to about the stop sign, traction is just gone.”

Corvallis Public Works has crews working around the clock all weekend. Though they plowed the roads early Friday, temperatures have gotten so cold that the plows aren’t able to break the ice.

Public Works is warning all drivers to be careful. Even though the snow is powdery, they say the snow is very compacted on the roadways and is slippery, even for cars with chains. They advise everyone to stay home if possible. Current forecasts say Corvallis might not thaw out until Thursday.

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  1. Tom says:

    Where are the snow plows/sand for clearing the roads?

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