Corvallis Theft Arrests

CORVALLIS, ORE. – Police are warning residents about identity theft after officers arrested three people this weekend for theft.

On Sunday Corvallis Police arrested 34-year-old Amy Mumford Knight (right) of Corvallis after they say she stole a bank card from someone she was visiting in Portland. Once she returned to Corvallis, police say she used the card without the victim’s permission.

Police arrested Joseph Koch (center), 36, on Sunday after they say he asked an acquaintance to deposit a check into his account and to immediately withdraw the cash for him. Police say soon after, the check was cancelled. According to police, Koch asked the victim to deposit another check, this time for $1,000, which police say was not good at all.

Police also arrested Megan Loucks (left), 29, of Corvallis on Friday after officers say she wrote multiple checks under the same transaction number, stealing over $400 worth of goods or services from local businesses. Police say Loucks has a prepaid account with a company that sends her checks. Officials say she is supposed to call the company to get a transaction number for each purchase. But police say she wrote the same transaction number on three transactions, which invalidated the checks.

“Property crimes are fairly common,” said Captain Dave Henslee with the Corvallis Police Department. “We’ll see fraudulent check cases and ID theft cases a couple times a week. Just be aware of what’s going on with your bank account. And if you see things that are suspicious you need to let the bank and the authorities know right away.”

Captain Henslee also warns everyone to be careful if they are asked to deposit a check for somebody else.

“Anytime anyone asks you to deposit a check and immediately give them the money, make sure that that check is going to be paid,” he said. “Ask your bank to verify the funds so you don’t give somebody cash and not get paid back for that.”

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