Corvallis Watches Flood Waters

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Record breaking rains hit some areas harder than others this weekend; in Corvallis, crews say clean-up has been minimal.

Corvallis Public Works says the city didn’t see much street flooding, although Grant Avenue and Tenth Street did see extra water. Crews cleaned out the leaves from catch basins. The City asks community members to push leaves away from drains if they see them piling up during heavy rain periods.

“We also ask that when they are aware of a heavy rain event, that they don’t rake and put their leaves in the street because that contributes to clogged catch basins. But as the rain subsides, and it’s supposed to be nice for a couple of days, it should be fine to return those leaves back out to the street,” said Kris De Jong, Corvallis Public Works.

The city’s also placed sand piles and bags at various schools, which are free for anyone wanting them.

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