Corvallis Water Main Breaks

Water Main BreakCORVALLIS, Ore. — Homes and businesses along 5th Street in Corvallis may be without water for at least 24 hours, as crews are working to fix a broken water main.

The break happened around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon near 5th St. and Harrison Blvd., and knocked out water along 5th St. between Tyler Ave. and Monroe Ave.

Public Works crews say water pressure may not have been as strong as usual in surrounding areas until about 4 pm, when crews were able to isolate the line.

“We’ve shut the valves off,” said Brian Rigwood, Utilities Division Manager. “Next crews will come out here and find where the leak is and see how big that main break is and what kind of repair we’ll have to do.”

Rigwood says crews are bringing water to neighbors in the area who need it. Crews expect to be out all night Tuesday, and will work until the repairs are made. He expects water to be out in the isolated area for at least 24 hours.

Crews say they are pressurizing the water system, which does not allow any outside contaminants into the water. They say the water is safe to drink.

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